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Australia is a real charmer, seducing visitors with breathtaking architecture, fantastic gastronomy, unbeatable climate, and its ever-present historical richness. The perfect destination for your next car rental adventure.



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Why Car Rental In Australia Is The Best Decision You Can Make

No one argues on the fact that, “having your own vehicle is the ultimate comfort”, however, this luxury doesn’t follow you everywhere you go and you may have to compromise on your mobility to a large extent. If you are a frequent traveller, you may have experienced the stuck feeling when you have to rely too much on cab services. In fact, this dependency takes the bar of excitement and exploration down. Especially, when you are travelling to a vivid ecosystem and cultural country; Australia. Australia is a dreamland for many people. From the hallowed traditions of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, when the great spirits conjured the coral reefs, rainforests, and red deserts, to armchair travellers who identify Australia as their ideal trip, Australia is deserving of all the attention. And renting a car is the ideal way to experience the moods of the world's smallest continent and largest island. You may attentively examine the startling differences and stunning beauty of Australia with the help of Drive Bookers' simple services. Mentioned below are a few of the points that reassure your contemplation on booking the services.


If you plan ahead, public transportation appears to be considerably less expensive. However, most individuals miss the bus/train or get lost, forcing them to use a cab, which is significantly more expensive. That, too, is contingent on the number of individuals visiting at the same time. A bus ticket for five people will always be more expensive than a vehicle rental for five people. Not to mention the ease of leaving and arriving whenever you choose.


Having a hire car allows you more flexibility to explore, especially when visiting rural and wanderlust-inducing parts of Australia with hidden gems like a mountain restaurant, hilltop vistas, and magnificent waterfalls. Because there are precise timetables to follow, travelling with strangers on a bus or public transportation will only allow you to experience sights and locations in a limited view (such as stopping just at well-known, well-trodden sites).


When you choose self-drive automobiles, you can count on total privacy in the vehicle. If you hire a cab, the driver may interrupt or attempt to engage in chit-chat, making the ride extremely inconvenient. If the journey is longer than 2 or 3 days or a week, finding a lousy driver will be a major headache. When you pick a self-drive vehicle, however, no one will be able to interrupt your talks or music. While driving, you may spend valuable time with your travelling companions.


Driving is one of the finest methods to get a true sense of your holiday destination, and because you are in charge, you don't have to worry about when to begin or where to conclude your adventure. You are free to make as many pit stops as you like, stopping to take photographs and enjoy the scenery. You may save money on gas by renting a car instead of driving your own automobile, especially on lengthy travels.


Many people have long been concerned about hygiene, and it has been vital for everyone to maintain social distance since the emergence of Covid-19. As a result, if you travel in a self-drive automobile, you can be assured that you are keeping a high degree of sanitation. Of course, the firm will sterilise the automobile before giving it over to you, but if you want to be extra sure, you may do a further round of sanitization yourself.

Overall, Australia is a vast country and is home to some of the most unusual destinations and creatures in the world that can be best explored through self-drive rental cars.

Required Documents for Car Rental in Australia

A printed copy of your Drivebookers car rental voucher.
Your valid passport and a valid credit card in the name of the person listed as the main driver on the booking.
A full driving license from your country of origin.
Credit card with sufficient available funds to cover the excess on any insurance policy related to the car rental.

Tips, Rules & Regulations for Driving in Australia

For urban roads and those within villages, the normal limit is 30 km/h although some places are actually higher (50 km/h) limit. To be safe, please follow what’s on the sign posted in the area.
Most Australian motorways and toll roads have a speed limit of 120 km/h or 73 mph.
Dual carriageways, regardless of a central strip, range in speed limit from 80 to 110 km/h. Again, it is important to always look our for the speed signs.
National roads have a speed limit variation ranging from 50 to 100 mph.

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