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With room for 5 passengers and 2 pieces of luggage, this economy car rental model is perfect for small groups or families. Our rental range provides economic travel for the budget-conscious. Suitable for city sightseeing tours and also day touring, the economy class includes zippy runabouts, compact and even prestige compact vehicles for couples, small groups or families.

The information below will help you determine if the economy car rental category suits your needs from our extensive fleet range in each country. Each category comes with an example of such cars available in a particular group and a recommendation about suitable uses and details of passenger capacity, storage space and also vehicle features.

Ford Fiesta 5dr or similar
The Ford Fiesta is a fantastic little car with a driving experience beyond the economy class. Given that the Fiesta isn’t so small anymore its no surprise that the ride, comfort and capacity has grown as well. There’s loads of luggage space here – and the car simply feels like it has managed to grab the drift from a car hire in the class above. It’s a great car hire option, simply as that. The best bit about the new Fiesta is that it drives so much better than it has any right to. Turn-in is crisp, the car is capable of way, way much more power and fun to drive. It’s the sort of car people rent when on a long holiday.

Citroen C2 or similar
With plenty of racy models to choose from a Citroen C2 rental will give you a good run for your money. You can get four in it, at a push, mainly thanks to a sliding rear bench that can choose between legs and luggage. The tailgate is split too, so that helps if you need to carry extra bags but please note that this is not a big car. Easy to park and use though, especially in town. Engine and wind noise are pretty well suppressed and the ride is good. While most C2s are destined for urban motoring they can happily stretch their legs on the open road.

Hyundai Getz or similar
The Getz is so light that it feels remarkably responsive on the road. The steering isn’t perfect, but for a car designed primarily for zipping about town it’s a classic case of well-built, functional motoring, the Getz doesn’t feel high quality, but it’s not going to fall apart inside or go wrong mechanically in a hurry. Hyundai has pulled an unexpected blinder on this one. It’s a tiny car, but with lots of headroom, thanks to that high roofline and a huge boot made all the more capacious by folding rear seats.

Nissan Micra or similar
Despite those diminutive dimensions the Micra rides very well, soaking up bumps like a much larger car, making it the ideal city transport that occasionally has to step in for longer journeys. There are various tricks within the already quite spacious Micra. The rear seats slide forward to make more room in the boot, and there seems to be extra room with hidden compartments all over the place.

Fiat Punto or similar
The Punto is evolution in motion, it’s good to meet the sophisticated demands of any holidaymaker, safety and comfort, good elbow space and sporty good looks inside and out. If you want a holiday drive that’s feisty and fun, but also incredibly economical on fuel the Punto rides reasonably well and manages to remain properly composed at motorway speeds and on city streets. A super-competitive economy car hire price with all the space you need and a good ride!

Seat Ibiza Hatchback or similar
The Ibiza’s suspension is quiet and supple, and the body is well controlled. Its handling isn’t as sporty as a Ford Fiesta’s, but it’s rather grippy and predictable, even for those long trips. Undoubtedly the Ibiza’s most attractive feature is value for the price, but the quality of the ride and handling is impressive. It’s also cheap to run, sturdy, safe and well equipped. A competent little city car that’s just as exciting to drive as it is to look at.

Suzuki Swift Hatchback or similar
With the Swift, you get a vehicle with lots of power and style. It’s fun to drive, too, as well as stylish inside and out. In its hatchback guise, the Suzuki Swift is a little star, serving up more fun than its power or rental price would have you believe. A perfect choice for your next car hire rental.

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