Intermediate Car Rental

With room for 5 passengers and 4 pieces of luggage, this is the perfect model for families or groups looking to arrive in style at their destination. With our intermediate car rental range, you will also find great storage space for holiday or day trip use and also the power you need to get where you’re going safe and sound, without costing you too much in fuel.

The information below will help you determine if the intermediate car rental category suits your needs from our extensive fleet range in each country. Each category comes with an example of such cars available in a particular group and a recommendation about suitable uses and details of passenger capacity, storage space and also vehicle features.

Skoda Octavia or similar

The Skoda Octavia hatchback behaves well on the road under any circumstance. Good space and the design is neat, with cool rear extension and extra luggage space for all those airport types of trips. People who rent them absolutely love them and praise the service provided by our car hire partners. The Skoda Octavia has a big boot, but that’s just the start. Cabin cubbies carry all sorts of stuff, and the roof rails as mostly standard. The Skoda Octavia Hatchback is all the off-roader most of us need, without the clumsiness.

Chrysler PT Cruiser or similar

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is inspired by the panel vans of the 1930s and caused quite a buzz when it was first released in 2001. It was one of a few vehicles to herald the new retro trend and became an instant success. The PT Cruiser is an especially competitive choice compared to other intermediate car hire options, but consumers looking for a roomy vehicle with distinctive styling will find the PT an affordable car hire choice that stands out in a crowd. The rear seats can fold down or be removed completely, providing the wagon with up to 26 different seating and cargo space arrangements, and the capability to carry items up to 8 feet in length.

Citroen C5 Estate or similar

The C5 is a very stylish estate and a popular family car hire rental option, it’s extremely practical, with a good boot space and room for five inside. It’s a big car with a smooth drive and loads of extra space plus a great 2.0-litre diesel engine which pulls away well in any gear. A perfect car if your looking to discover a new country with your family and loved ones. The Citroen C5 should be a great choice for your next car hire booking.

Volkswagen Passat Saloon or similar

The Volkswagen Passat Saloon is a well-behaved and well-built car with lots of room and perceived quality. A top choice in our opinion for your next family car hire rental. Both the Passat saloon and the station wagon are big and have an even bigger boot, with through-load availability. The Volkswagen Passat has long been a favorite among our customers and those looking for a little more luxury and style in their standard car rental family sedan.

Toyota Avensis or similar

The Toyota Avensis is effortless to drive and the interior is comfy and easy to use. Most intermediate car hire models are well equipped and can be booked online for an affordable price. Thanks to smooth, light controls and a supple ride it’s an easy-going companion that demands little effort. The boot isn’t as large as a the Ford Mondeo intermediate car hire, but it doesn’t fall far short, so it’s massive nonetheless. The rear seats split and fold, but the saloon body limits what you can put in.

Ford Mondeo or similar

The Ford Mondeo hatchback and saloon are both excellent options for yor next car hire rental. Infact, intermediate car hire don’t come any better than this. The Ford Mondeo is just great to drive, smooth and comfortable to travel in, and has loads and loads of space. Refinement is good and the drive accomplished, while the diesel engines are strong and economic. The Mondeo is all things to all people. Drivers love its sharp handling, ample grip and responsive steering, while high-mileage drivers appreciate its top composure on any road. When the family’s on board the Mondeo’s comfortable, well-controlled ride it will always be a good trip.

Renault Laguna or similar

Renault Laguna, is a great car with a good chassis, more then enough space and impressively high-quality feel for you and the family. Nicely designed and executed inside, the new Laguna looks clean and fresh and the materials used feel expensive. Intermediate car hire with flair, and the handsome Renault Laguna is no exception with good value and great milage for your money.

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