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This sporty model is perfect for small groups or families, as it seats 4 passengers and 2 pieces of luggage easily and comfortably. Our small car hire range provides cheap travel for the pocket-conscious. Suitable for city sightseeing tours or day touring, the small class includes typical 360 views, a compact trendy vehicle for couples on the move.

The information below will help you determine if the small car rental category suits your needs from our extensive fleet range in each country. Each category comes with an example of such cars available in a particular group and a recommendation about suitable uses and details of passenger capacity, storage space and also vehicle features.

Citroen C1 or similar

The chirpy C1 is cheap to rent and easy to run, making it an ideal car for young drivers and a fantastic car for families. The ride is very firm for a small car that’s designed to spend most of its life in the city, and the suspension can be heard working over rougher parts of the road. It does handle well and manages to keep body lean in check when the going gets twisty, but modest grip limits its abilities. The C1 can hold its own on motorways. To get the most out of it you do have to make use of the five-speed gearbox, though.

Peugeot 106 or similar

The 106 is very entertaining for scooting around towns and along country roads. It’s a great town, city or country car hire. There’s plenty of choices and it’s cheap to rent. The 106 is a popular car with our customers. It’s nippy with a fully automatic diesel engine, flexible and easy-going, with light and responsive steering, and fluent and sharp handling. The lively car agile and fun holiday car. On narrow twisty roads, its composure and pace through corners can embarrass bigger, dearer hot hatches.

Chevrolet Matiz Automatic or similar

The Chevrolet is also known as a Daewoo Matiz, both are considered to be small car hire vehicles. You can fit two humans in the front, but please note that the back is very small and only for those who are thin. The boot is only 104litres, making it the same size as some of the larger handbags on the market but this is known to be cheap car hire, so you can afford not to fall in love. The engine choice of 800cc or 1.0-litre should tell you plenty; this isn’t supposed to be fast.

Toyota Aygo or similar

The Toyota Aygo is one of the better city cars. It feels like a definite choice, rather than just something you were pushed into by poverty. For town-based driving little beats the Aygo -it’s small, easy to see out of and cheap-but-not-tacky. You can seat four, which a Smart can’t do, but not as roomily as in a Panda. There isn’t any luggage space to speak of though – despite that all-glass tailgate it manages just 139litres. You can fold the seats down in a 50/50 style to get 751litres, but the access to it is really quite, erm, quirky.

Fiat Panda or similar

The Fiat Panda is an under-appreciated gem we love its simplicity, compact dimensions, and four-wheel drive option. The 1.2-liter 4×4 takes a full 20 seconds to get to 60mph and the 100HP half that. None of these small cars are quick, but the Panda more than makeup for it with some sprightly handling. The Panda is a laugh to drive. Steering is fast, light and accurate and the chassis well enough sorted to really let you bung it about in the grand tradition of the small Italian hatch. One of the few compact city cars with proper rear space, including rear doors, the Panda is definitely more practical than most. It also sits quite high at the waistline, making carting kids in and out much easier on the lower back.

Kia Picanto similar

The Kia Picanto is usually a hatchback cheap to rent and fun to ride. The Picanto is dynamically competent, but nothing more. It tackles corners without fuss, but there’s a fair amount of body lean but it looks cute and most models are well equipped. The ride is choppy and, even when the engines are worked hard, performance is sluggish. The Kia Picanto looks good and, with its five-door practicality and decent equipment, is cracking value for your money. But unfortunately, the car has its limitations. It’s a little short on safety kit and the boot is tiny.

Renault Twingo or similar

The Renault Twingo is a surprisingly mature small car, with a supple ride, fine road manners and plenty of space for four. The Twingo does a good job of mixing the darting, easy-to-drive nature of such a small car with a surprising degree of maturity. Wind- and road noise aren’t too tiring at speed and, although the engines are vocal when worked hard, they don’t become too raucous.

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