Standard Car Rental

Travel in comfort and style in this popular standard car rental. With air-conditioning and room for 5 passengers and 4 pieces of luggage, it’s the ideal car for families or small to medium-sized groups. The most popular choice, just a typical standard car! May it be your own homeland or some new place for tourism, hiring a standard car brings a pleasurable driving experience.

The information below will help you determine if the standard car rental category suits your needs from our extensive fleet range in each country. Each category comes with an example of such cars available in a particular group and a recommendation about suitable uses and details of passenger capacity, storage space and also vehicle features.

Alfa 159 or similar

The Alfa 159 is an attractive car with a large, comfortable cabin and plenty of equipment, our suppliers offer a cheap price for this fantastic vehicle. A proper Alfa this 159; accurate steering a fast and reliable car hire. Much more fun than you have any right to expect from a front-wheel-drive saloon. The space inside is on par with every other car in the standard range and a big, 405-liter boot, as well.

Audi A4 or similar

As with all Audi products recently the quality is high and a perfect option for your next car hire. Its great ride and some models have a rough-weather-friendly all-wheel-drive only added to its appeal. Furthermore, there is plenty of room in the Audi A4, the boot is a generous 480 liters and the cabin space is really good even in the back. There are also front, side and curtain airbags as standard. A wonderfully engineered bit of kit that still manages to be one of the most exciting vehicles in the standard car hire class. This generation of the Audi A4 impressed us with its impeccable cabin design and materials, as well as its nimble handling.

Subaru Legacy or similar

The Subaru Legacy has nice engines, great chassis, lots of room and good standard car hire value for your money. The new diesel is low on fuel cost and we think it’s Subaru’s best-looking car. The ride is very supple, especially when you take into account the fine handling. Mechanically it’s quiet, the room is OK versus some other standard car hire, but not so good against the Mondeo and Passat. On the road, we’ve appreciated the Legacy’s standard all-wheel-drive system, you should enjoy driving this vehicle on highways and in the countryside.

Citroen C5 Estate or similar

The C5 is a very stylish estate and a popular family car hire rental option, it’s extremely practical, with a good boot space and room for five inside. It’s a big car with a smooth drive and loads of extra space plus a great 2.0-liter diesel engine that pulls away well in any gear. A perfect car if you’re looking to discover a new country with your family and loved ones. The Citroen C5 should be a great choice for your next car hire booking.

Renault Megane or similar

The Renault Megane is a practical, entertaining car with a strong engine with lots of extra space inside but the boot is neither particularly big nor is it the easiest to access. The Megane’s strongest suit is its superb handling. Light, positive steering and a firm, responsive chassis make this one of the finest standard cars on the rental marketplace today.

Volkswagen Passat Saloon or similar

The Volkswagen Passat Saloon is a well-behaved and well-built car with lots of room and perceived quality. A top choice in our opinion for your next family car hire rental. Both the Passat saloon and the station wagon are big and have an even bigger boot, with through-load availability. The Volkswagen Passat has long been a favorite among our customers and those looking for a little more luxury and style in their standard car hire family sedan.

Opel Insignia or similar

The Opel Insignia is conveniently a front-wheel and all-wheel drive standard car hire. With its groundbreaking design and sophisticated technology, the Insignia makes a quantum leap toward rejuvenating standard car hire as this rental provides you with the perfect opportunity to discover Opel. Echoing the exterior of the car, the interior shapes and surfaces, which articulate this promise for exciting mobility, are crafted with high-quality materials. The dashboard wraps around from the instrument panel to the door in a very sophisticated way, embracing both the driver and passengers. The Red ambient lighting vibrates into a warm, luxurious driving environment. A lot of emphases to has been put into the seats, which set the highest standards in ergonomics, comfort, luggage room and safety. We must say this is a fantastic option for your next standard car hire.

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